Attending the workshops is free of charge unless otherwise mentioned. Workshops are open for people of all ages and there is no need to sign up in advance. Most of the workshops are located at the first floor (so called “parvi”) of the Cable factory, or at the inner yard. There is a lift to the first floor from the D-entrance.

Workshop on recycled paper
Content: You can make eg jewellery, purse or decorations out of recycled paper. You can also bring used colourful juice packages from home.

Worshop on bikes
Content: Here you can fix your own bicycle by yourself. There are experts to guide you on this and most common tools and material available. You can also get your bike fixed by paying 10/20/30 euros (depending on the amount of work). This workshop is located on the inner yard.

Workshop by Remake Ekodesign Oy
 Content: If you like sewing / handicrafts, here you find various interesting things to do out of recycled materials. Recommended age to attend: 9 years old, but even younger can attend with adults.

Other workshops
Other workshops introduce you i.a. to make stickers, 3D copies, jewellery, teach recycling and make waste packages for bio waste. Welcome and explore !